News and Notes: Morrison to perform ‘Astral Weeks’


Van Morrison is the latest to jump on the live-performance-of-a-classic-album bandwagon that already includes the likes of Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, Built to Spill and others.

According to Billboard, Morrison will be performing his 1968 masterpiece Astral Weeks in its entirety during concerts on Nov. 7 and 8 in Los Angeles.

Joining him will be some of the original musicians who appeared on the record. Tickets for the Hollywood Bowl show will be available Oct. 5 in the $75 to $255 range, but a DVD is planned for all those diehard Astral Weeks fans who won’t be able to make the trip.


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3 Responses to “News and Notes: Morrison to perform ‘Astral Weeks’”

  1. mikealph Says:

    I once made the mistake of telling Daryl Duer that Astral Weeks was an alright album, which he responded to by sending me a sympathy card for not calling it the greatest album ever. I have since then changed my mind and now do consider it one of the greatest albums and my personal favorite as well. Does anyone want to make a wager on whether Daryl Duer will be attending the L.A. show or not…

  2. Matt Says:

    I actually e-mailed Darryl about it earlier today. His response: “Get me a ticket to L.A., brother.”

  3. Darryl Says:

    Astral Weeks runs my life, orders my food, schedules my appointments, and still, after thirty years on, still breathes in a way to raise the hair on my neck. It’s taught me to say I’m from Ireland, originally, by way of the Garden District and finally to the northern coast of California. I married its Ballerina, and live on Cypress Avenue. At night, it’s Madame George a long way out of sight of this present suburban nightmare called Edison. It’s cover came to life recently. Play it at my funeral, and nothing else. No words, no prayers, no sermons, no creeds. Just carry me out during slim slow slider, and ease the casket down as Van says. “He’s gone for something….and I know he won;t be back.”

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