Elsewhere: 150 percent in the tank


Dave Brooks’ crush on Sarah Palin not withstanding, the latest proof that the New York Times is “150 percent in the tank” for Obama as McCain’s campaign likes to suggest, is HERE.

William Ayers, a former member of militant ’60s group the Weathermen, is a pretty popular guy these days on article comments (usually thrown out as evidence that the mainstream media is, of course, biased and pro-Obama) and Swift Boat-esque political ads like this one.

Like Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor the liberal (and might I add, sexist) mainstream media has pretty much completely ignored since Obama was running against Hillary Clinton in the primaries, Ayers’ ties with the Illinois senator have been spun as guilt by association that Barack Obama is an extreme leftist with a secret radical agenda. He is, after all, possibly a secret Muslim and possibly even the anti-Christ depicted in all of those Left Behind books they sell at Wal-Mart.

On a serious note, the article does shed some light on the subject of Ayers and is worth considering just as McCain’s ties to the Keating Five, but it’s doubtful the GOP trolls on the Internet will slow down their efforts to post endlessly in article comments about Ayers and McCain’s No. 1 enemy of late, The New York Times.


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