Green Letter Christians


While I’m pretty sure the Bible deals almost exclusively with abortion, same-sex marriage, gun rights, the death penalty and pre-emptive war, a new Bible has been released that draws attention to the Holy scriptures’ environmental and, dare I say, tree-hugging bent.

While I’m not typically a fan of “green” products replacing already produced products that can be obtained easily and cheaply at a secondhand store or a yard sale, some pretty respectable folks have been involved in the project — J. Matthew Sleeth, Wendell Berry and Desmond Tutu to name just a few.

Like the red-letter editions that draw attention to Jesus’ words like the Bibles of many an evangelical’s youth, the environmentally themed Green Bible has green letters to draw attention to some 1,000 verses that have something to do with caring for creation. Supplemental writings are also included.

The new Bible, which utilizes the New Revised Standard Version translation, was released by HarperCollins on Oct. 7. Of particular note is the involvement of two organizations not typically associated with selling the Word of God: The Sierra Club and The Humane Society of the United States.

-Matt Ralph


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