Video: MacHeads trailer


Coming this fall, a documentary about the people who take their computers a little too seriously.

2 Responses to “Video: MacHeads trailer”

  1. mikealph Says:

    So will this be the film that finally gets Dave Ralph to watch an actual documentary instead of the lame blockbusters that he usually wastes his ten dollars (plus 10 more dollars for his “girlfriend”)?

    I have actually never payed for an Apple product in my life, but thanks to the generosity of Matt and Dave Ralph, either by purchased gift or hand-me-down, and my two year stint at a private school, which supplied all teachers (most of whom frequently complained about having to use and often called on me to troubleshoot and/or band-aid their Mac limitations) i have used or owned 3 Mac laptops and an I-pod Nanno. I have enjoyed using my Apple products, but like anything manufactured in the modern age, the products are not perfect and certainly not worthy of deification by the Mac lovers of the world. See Dave Ralph.

  2. Matt Says:


    I didn’t realize how much I loved my MacBook until I had to start using a PC for work.

    But as much as I love my computer, I think the obsession some people have with the Mac brand is evidence of how much brand-based marketing has infiltrated our culture.

    We identify ourselves and connect with others based on the type of computers we use, the cars we drive, the water bottles we drink out of, the beer we drink, the shoes we wear and even the political T-shirts we wear. All the while, somebody is cashing in.

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