News and Notes: Netflix for Mac



In case you are a Mac user and haven’t heard or figured it out yet, the Watch Instantly feature that used to be the only reason I envied my wife’s PC is now available to Mac users.

It’s still in beta, but so far it’s worked pretty well for me.

If you’re looking for some recommendations of what to watch, a good place to start is “Street Fight,” a documentary about Cory Booker’s first attempt to unseat long-time Newark, N.J., mayor Sharpe James. The classic “Night Of The Hunter” is also worth your time and there’s always The Office if you’re having a hard time finding something sifting through a lot of mediocre no-names (there’s a reason why many of them are available instantly).

Yes, the selection still isn’t the greatest but it’s better than it was even a few weeks ago thanks to a deal Netflix signed with cable movie channel Starz!


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