The 10: ‘Christian’ Worldviews


About a year ago, e-mails started coming to my inbox just about every week from a place called Worldview Weekend. When I first started reading them, I thought maybe they were some kind of joke. Each e-mail is filled mostly with links to articles and audio commentaries by a guy named Brandon Howse and various others.

From what I’ve been able to tell, Worldview Weekend makes Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and various other well-known right-wing blow-hards sound tame. 

The headlines and article links more or less speak for themselves. These were collected from e-mails received from Worldview Weekend between December 2007 and November 2008. 

1. Brannon returns to the radio studio for his live show minutes after saving a black lab from the interstate that had been hit by a car. Brannon wants to know why PETA nuts drove by while he and two other Christians who listen to his radio networked (sic) stopped to save the dog?

2. Obama wants to “require” 50 hours of community service, brainwashing for middle school and high school students. 

3. Are the poor really getting poorer? Are you tired of hearing liberals use this line to justify taking more of your hard earned dollars for more wasted government entitlement programs?

4. Obama’s Cultural Marxism and How It Came to America.

5. Christian talk radio about to be outlawed as we know it today?

6. Brannon gives 22 similarities between America today and Nazi Germany.

7. Oprah Winfrey has been assigned several new titles including ‘high priestess of the ‘New Age’ and ‘the most dangerous false prophet of the 21st century.’

8. An important financial report you should read if you don’t want to be like the typical ignorant American that may be financially destroyed. 

9. Brannon is the only national talk show host to date to say that the issue is not that 6-7 million people voted against gay marriage in California only to be over-ruled by the California Supreme Court. That is offensive but the issue is not what the majority wants but what the Divine has ruled.

10. Climate change bible? The new evangelicals trash conservative Christians for not joining them in support of radical environmentalism, socialism and hatred for America. 


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