Great Lake Swimmers album details revealed


Details of the new Great Lake Swimmers record were revealed in a press release today. The 12-song disc is slated for release on Nettwerk Records March 31. It will be the fourth full-length from the Tony Dekker-fronted Canadian band.

From a press release:

“Musically, the new Grreat Lake Swimmers songs see influences ranging from early REM, Gram-Parsons-era Byrds, and the Faces, to the acoustic side of Neil Young. It has elements of deceptively simple roots-rock, while still maintaining the haunting indie-folk and spatial qualities that GLS has become known for. 12-string Rickenbacher guitars, banjo, pedal steel, tight harmonies, and stripped down arrangements are all in the mix on Lost Channels.”

1. Palmistry 2:32
2. Everything Is Moving So Fast 4:19
3. Pulling On A Line 3:18
4. Concrete Heart 3:31
5. She Comes To Me In Dreams 4:02
6. The Chorus In The Underground 3:20
7. Singer Castle Bells 0:48
8. Stealing Tomorrow 2:50
9. Still 2:50
10. New Light 3:18
11. River’s Edge 4:17
12. Unison Falling Into Harmony 3:25


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