Quotation: Assuming too much


“I act as though tomorrow is guaranteed, completely unconcerned with every contraction of my heart, expansion of my lungs, flow of oxygenated blood to my brain. I don’t even consider the possibility that a random accident or illness could irrevocable change my life. It obviously goes without saying that I will have shelter, be able to go the grocery, be able to pay the bills. That I will not be the victim of domestic abuse. That the absence of tragedy is guaranteed. The size of this illusion is astounding. I am continually reminded to be thankful for a home, for love, for friends, for breath. I am reminded of those around us in our city who are without, those we don’t think about because they don’t directly affects us, that someone else will help them, or even those observers who pour out that extra ounce of judgement and pronounce they shouldn’t be in that situation, they should pick themselves up by their bootstraps. I don’t even know what bootstraps are. Need is need. Grace is grace. Compassion is compassion. All we have is time and money. Usually not a lot of either. Consider ways that you may enrich someone else’s life this season. Even if it’s as small as cleaning out your home of clothes you haven’t touched in over a year (my garage has 10 huge bags to go out), or canned goods, or volunteering phone lines, deliveries, kitchen duty.”

-Brian Meurer, in a blog post at Stuck In The Clouds

(Hat Tip: Consuming Louisville)


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