Hallelujah reaching Unchained Melody territory


The oft-covered Leonard Cohen tune “Hallelujah” has continued its climb up the UK charts, thanks in large part to its prominent use in Simon Cowell’s British TV show X Factor.

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke isn’t the only one benefiting. Jeff Buckley’s estate and Mr. Cohen himself are also feasting on all of the over-exposure.

According to BBC News, Cohen’s original has also cracked the Top 40 at 34. The late Jeff Buckley’s famous rendition is in the top five and Burke has the top spot for her cover.

Apparently, the song has reached “Unchained Melody” territory for chart exposure in the UK. Back in 1955, four different versions of the tune cracked the Top 40.

There are certainly plenty more versions of “Hallelujah” from which to add to the chart overkill. More than 170 recorded versions, in fact, of the song Cohen originally released in 1984.


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