Baseball’s parity



As Joe Posnaski points out in a recent Sports Illustrated column, 20 different Major League Baseball clubs have won a World Series title over the past three decades.

During the same span:

-22 different drivers have won the Indianapolis 500
-20 different golfers have worn The Masters’ green jacket
-19 teams have won a D1 college basketball title
-17 teams have won a Champions League title (soccer)
-16 teams have won an outright D1 college football title
-14 teams have won a Super Bowl
-14 different men have won Wimbledon
-12 different women have won Wimbledon
-13 teams have won a Stanley Cup
-11 teams have won the Japan Series (baseball)
-Nine teams have won an NBA title

It may not seem like it when the Yankees go on the kind of spending spree they have of late, but baseball has still somehow managed to have more parity – when it comes to the teams that win it all at least – than most other major sports have had.


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3 Responses to “Baseball’s parity”

  1. kip Says:

    I understand your point. But I think that parity means that the playing field is supposed to be more or less even for all teams, regardless of the size of your bank account. The Yankees paid, I don’t know how many million in luxury tax last year, then bought the three top free agents on the market.
    I don’t think that teams like Kansas City or Pittsburgh will ever be in such a position.

  2. MR Says:

    I completely agree.

    Baseball has a long way to go to reach an even playing field. I just thought Posnaski made an interest point comparing the diversity of title winners in baseball compared to other sports.

    It’s going to be even more fun rooting against the Yankees and watching them suffer when A.J. gets hurt, Texeira crumbles under pressure and CC gets brought back to earth by the NL East.

  3. kip Says:

    Besides, Youk’s numbers are actually pretty similar to Teixeira’s. A few less home runs, but a higher average.

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