Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman


A trailer has been posted at Facebook for Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman, a documentary about the late Christian icon by David Di Sabatino (“Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher“).

The film is almost guaranteed to attract some controversy because it doesn’t paint the “father of Christian rock” in a completely sympathetic light. Heaven forbid. 

Fallen Angel is slated to premiere at a San Jose film festival in late February/early March.

In the meantime, you can read more (if you haven’t already) about the bizarre back-story of Di Sabatino’s encounters with the late rocker detailed in an Orange County Weekly article back in October.


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20 Responses to “Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman”

  1. b Says:

    IF my favorite singer is worse than an unbeliever why are your baning from their websites

  2. b Says:

    y u don’t respond to comments……….. now i know larry had his issues but he had some of the most profound lyriccs just joe scarbourgh

  3. b Says:

    so you don’t respond to anyone but you keep puting out that larry was a bad man based on figernaial geting cosmetic fixtaqtion stone hill

  4. mattsara Says:

    Who said anything about Larry Norman being a bad man? From the trailer, it sounds like he was pretty typical of most rock stars, particularly in the ego-driven Christian sub-culture.

  5. meme Says:

    I don’t understand why we wait till the man has gone to be with the Lord, before we start smearing his name??? All your doing is letting the world know for sure that all christians are just a bunch of hypocrites. Larry’s sins are under the blood, and they should stay there! God bless him! And may we as Christians stop throwing stones at each other.

  6. meme Says:

    By the way, if Larry was indeed a fallen angel, then that would imply that he has fallen from grace and is no longer a child of God. Someone needs to rethink that title. It would seem that someone has an axe to grind here…

  7. meme Says:

    Here’s an acceptable title. How about, The Outlaw: Larry Norman, father of Christian rock. This would have been very acceptable and less vindictive and hateful.

  8. mattsara Says:

    I don’t know. I think Fallen Angel has a better ring to it whether the filmmaker was trying to be vindictive and hateful when he came up with it or not.

  9. meme Says:

    Why does it have a better ring to it? Maybe because it implys a lot of juicy gossip? Negative publicity seems to sell better than positive publicity in our culture. As Christians, we shouldn’t be falling into the same trap that the world does.

  10. meme Says:

    If you do your research you will find that David Di Sabatino idolized Larry Norman up until the point that Larry would not allow his music to be used in Di Sabatino’s last documentary, “Lonnie Frisbee.” After that, he went out of his way to dig up dirt on Larry and spread a lot of negative gossip. It’s pretty clear what his motives are.

  11. b Says:

    Ive paid this liar money a month ago still no movie

  12. normania Says:

    meme if you do your research you’ll find that it is only david di sabatino who is saying he respected Larry until whatever happened with the Frisbee movie. As early as 2001 (years before any wrangle over the Frisbee soundtrack) Larry mentioned David Di Sabatino to me as someone who was regarded as an authority on the Jesus Movement and Larry’s own opinion of his books were they were written by someone who wasn’t there at the time and who wasn’t good at putting source material together and coming up with the right picture. David has claimed they were friends until the Frisbee soundtrack row and that Larry was originally excited about the prospect of David making a documentary about his life. Given how cagey Larry was with journalists and the press in general, and given what he told me in 2001, I’ve always found the claims a bit dubious that DDS had a good friendship with Larry until their Frisbee soundtrack row. I think it suits DDS to make out there was a friendship an respect between Larry and him until that row and further rows about the Fallen Angel film where DDS likes to maintain he was standing up for truth and was highlighting unethical behaviour on Larry’s part and Larry couldn’t handle it and that’s why he fell out. My own view is that like everyone else DDS has an agenda but sadly he’s not being very honest about the nature of his relationship with Larry as far as i can see… as for his film on Larry i expect to get my DVD soon but as well as telling the story of some of the most controversial parts of Larry’s life (divorces, break up of Solid Rock Records, a legal battle to discover whether he fathered an illegitimate son) through letting Larry’s exs (business, marriage partners) tell their side of the story for those events there are also it seems gaps in his research and already some early reviews are saying his film comes out weaker for trying to claim that Larry feigned some of his heart condition health scares in order to get more money for his medical fund.

  13. Jon Reid Says:

    Say what you like about the filmmaker; can you say the same about Randy Stonehill? I also think it’s significant that Randy’s forgiveness of Larry clinches the movie. In fact, maybe that’s what the movie is really about.


  14. normania Says:

    If the film is about Randy Stonehill, why not shoot a film called “Angel: Randy Stonehill” and see if it attracts half as much interest / publicity / sales as a film giving one side of the story on the worst and most controversial aspects of Larry Norman’s life.

    I have no major beef with Randy Stonehill and like some of his music. I know a few people who regard him as someone with integrity too. In this film he gets to 1) give his side of the story on his fall out with Larry with no come back 2) the film ends with him getting the last word and in early reviews he gets praise for forgiving Larry 3) he makes money from the soundtrack to the film being new recordings of his songs 4) and he’s going to tour with David no doubt selling his Fallen Angel CD and other CDs. All in all its a win win win win situation for Sir Stonehill unless a section of the public take the view its a bit off to wait until the subject of the film is dead and can’t give their side of the story, especially when most of the events in question happened um 30 years ago.

    • Andrew Says:

      Well is’nt it about time Sir Stonehill had a “win win win situation”, It will make up up for the “lose lose lose situation” he had when Larry had control of his music … more power to him I say . I hope Sir Stonehill makes a “motzza” ( Australian for an incredibly large amount of money ! ) It might balance the scales just a little in his favour for a change.

      BTW .. I assume Normainia that you are Dougie ?? Why have you decided to go all anonymous ??

      Andrew, Australia

  15. normania Says:

    Oh David Di Sabatino your own business ethics suck badly. You took my money in advance for a DVD that was advertised to ship on 15th March. You have changed the shipping date to 15th May without notifying anyone. You are too busy to answer emails or offer refunds. You have a tour with Randy Stonehill to do of US seminaries where you are happy to sell the same DVD i paid for in February to someone at the merchandise stall after the screening and give them their copy SECONDS after taking their cash. Meanwhile i am to wait 16 WEEKS between paying for my copy and receiving it (unless you change your mind and delay again). And another thing, for someone who banged on about Larry not owning the rights to his misic and said EMI owned his songs, how come you are now being sued for nearly 50 copyright breaches in your film. It’s not like legal action hadn’t been threatened in advance of the movie’s release and you have still either ignored the law or shown your ignorance of who owns the rights to Larry’s / Solid Rock’s catalogue of music.

  16. b Says:

    – Show quoted text –

  17. Lawman Says:


    You are shooting off, but clearly ignorant of the facts.

    Larry does not own many of the songs that he now sells on his site. The irony of claiming that these songs are being used in copyright violation when he (and now his family) are selling CDs with songs they do not own… outstanding!

    As for using other people music in films and “ignorance” of the law…do some checking about something called “fair use.”

    Fallen Angel has been cleared to be played wherever and anywhere… WITH Larry’s music, image and whatever the filmmaker wanted. Nothing was changed. Nothing was removed.

    But I enjoy reading your posts. But maybe that is just me because I like fantasy writing.


  18. tony leony Says:

    “Fallen Angel” is complete rubbish!


    A far less than amateur production – the sound was so poorly mastered and \”all over the map\” level wise, I found myself riding the volume control just to get some hearing comfort. Almost impossibly – the video quality was even worse! The entire production was simply a poorly assembled and redundant photo slide show of a truly horrible standard and erroneously edited with pre-teen level camera work.
    VERY amateurish and boring, the worst part for me was the seething hatred and accusatory tone apparent in the voice of the narrator, and that conversations were obviously clipped, diced, and manipulated to put the protagonist in the WORST possible light. Seemingly made on a production budget of $13.59 this video fails miserably!


    Even more derailed than the production: This \”movie\” confirms the grim reality of the much reported bias the filmmaker has against Larry Norman – having spent less than 2 minutes of the entire film on Larry\’s REAL attributes seen by thousands over decades of integrity, character, generosity & humor, and the rest of the time impugning him for all sorts of horrible things that were easily and correctly dismissed as hearsay and rumor while Larry was alive…
    Objectivity was a million miles away from this hack flick, and was only barely hinted at when truly objective statements were sparingly sprinkled in the last few moments of the film.
    It is clearly a case of slander per se, which explains it’s posthumous release… and don’t tell me this “took years to complete” – the whole project could easily have been done in one week.


    If anyone can watch this slanderous tripe without feeling cheapened or deceived, I seriously question THEIR integrity! Almost anyone could have made a better film than this personal vendetta… wait for a real moviemaker to tell this story of the centric character in Jesus Music – it deserves to be told.

    RIP Larry Norman.

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