How deep was Mark Felt’s throat?


The recent death of Mark “Deep Throat” Felt has only added to his larger-than-life reputation as the anonymous source who brought down a president and made a couple of young Washington Post reporters famous.

But like most legends that are formed by pop culture, Mark Felt may not have had as much to do with President Nixon’s demise as you might think reading the obits and tributes of recent weeks, according to an article in The New Republic:

He was useful, yes, but the Washington Post staffers who midwifed the Watergate story readily admit that he was just one of many, many sources, some of whom are still anonymous. In fact, the entire editorial team did not know about Deep Throat’s identity until after Nixon resigned. To them, Deep Throat was not the man who helped two reporters fell a crooked president, but just one piece of a huge and dynamic puzzle.

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