Most unlikely Super Bowl team of all time?


In an admittedly snap judgment, SI’s Don Banks writes that the Arizona Cardinals earned the tag “most unlikely Super Bowl team of all time” by punching their ticket with a victory over the sixth-seeded Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Given their desultory franchise history, their years of wandering in the proverbial NFL desert, their so-so 9-7 regular-season mark, and the wholly un-competitive way they played down the stretch of the regular season, I can’t think of another Super club that came out of nowhere quite like them.

My short list would include the 2001 Patriots, who were then largely viewed as a collection of blue-collar players and spare parts, led by a sixth-round quarterback; the 2007 Giants, a No. 5 seed whose title run somehow didn’t even start until a Week 17 loss; and the 1979 Rams, who were a 9-7 but veteran-laden club that had been a playoff perennial throughout that decade.

But to me, all three of those teams were in a different league than this year’s Cardinals, a club that has suffered more embarrassing losses this season than any Super Bowl club in history.


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