Fleet Foxes not signing to Virgin


In hopes of emphatically putting to rest a rumor stoked by the Seattle Weekly that Fleet Foxes had signed to Virgin, the band’s frontman, Robin Pecknold, posted a mouthful about major record labels on the band’s MySpace page Thursday.

The meat:

Fleet Foxes will never, ever, under no circumstances, from now until the world chokes on gas fumes, sign to a major label. This includes all subsidiaries or permutations thereunder. Till we die.’

I just don’t see the point. Most major labels seem anti-music. We’ve pursued no such deal with Virgin (or been pursued to my knowledge, I think it was just a bit of news they reported) and would be idiots to be unhappy with our fam of label folks…

And some more for good measure:

My perspective is that if we make choices we feel good about intrinsically, it all comes out in the wash, and you’ll all know what kind of band we are or are not, for better or worse! As a kid / teen, I’d get bent out of shape when my favorite bands did things that seemed motivated more by money than by art or seemed to not be honoring the core group of listeners that got them to where they were. But I’d be even more stoked on a band when they did well on their own terms. So, every time someone says something like “half a million bucks to appear at the Republican National Convention playing Mykonos BUT you have to say “McCain, Yo!” instead of “Mykonos” and work in something about drill baby drill” I think back to my young self and if he’d be into that. And then say no.


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