Online Overkill – week of March 1


Good, bad, annoying or indifferent, these were the topics that were played out on my Google Reader this week.

Rush Limbaugh. Dude has a big mouth. Michael Steele is still figuring how to speak into such a large microphone. We get it. Next issue.

U2. The Irish band, which I’ve always appreciated, released a new album and played on Letterman all week. Awesome. Wait. What’s that? They already have another album coming out later this year? Even cooler. Got it. Now, can you stop filling my RSS reader with U2 news and videos?

Watchmen. If I see that smiley face with the blood splotch show up in my RSS reader one more time…  File under news about new Star Trek and Terminator movies.

Company of Thieves – “Oscar Wilde” video. It’s one thing to ape Wes Anderson’s style. It’s another thing to re-enact a humorous sequence from Rushmore and repeat it over and over again in a music video. I think the YouTube commenter named Powerpill said it best in the comment section: “I don’t know, the song is not bad, really, but the way this is hyped, it’s kind of ridiculous.”

Christian hipsters. Brett McCracken’s post defining (though not exhaustively) Christian hipsters, a subject on which he is writing a book, set fire this week. Andrew Sullivan, Crunchy Con, Andy Whitman, RNS Blog and dozens more in my RSS reader linked to it or had something to say. Unlike some of the mean-spirited commentors on the post, I’m looking forward to the book and think this is the one example I’ve seen this week of good online overkill.


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