Online overkill – Week of March 16


Good, bad, annoying and indifferent, these were the topics that burned a hole in my RSS feed this week.

AIG. The best thing about this outrageous story being EVERYWHERE this week were the photos like this one of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo accompanying blog posts about the insanity of taxpayer-funded bonuses for poorly performing executives. 

Barack Obama’s NCAA picks. First came the news of Obama’s final four picks. Then came his so-called flip-flopping of who he wanted to win. Then came the reaction from my local congressman of Obama’s pick and Coach K’s backlash of the whole president filling out a bracket ordeal. Then came the FM radio station waking me up with news about how Obama did on his picks from day one. Enough already.  

Jay Cutler. The guy has a 17-20 career record as a starting QB. Why is everyone talking about him?

JournoList. Supposedly, the existence of a left-leaning journalist/policy analyst/advocate list-serv is proof that there is a vast liberal media conspiracy. Journalists and policy wonks talking to each other off-the-record? Like conservative Peter Suderman, I’m wondering why such a big deal is being made of this.

SXSW. I’m not cool enough to attend much less make “south by” name-drop references of different bands and films that are part of the huge festival in Austin. But I have read plenty about it this past week, mostly on the New York Times ArtsBeat Blog.


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